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Anne Elizabeth, a San Antonio native, left a successful career in EdTech sales and went to work with her family in the mortgage business so she could spend more time with her children. Vince Chacon, her dad, has been in the mortgage business for over 40 years, and her brother, Christian Peter, for over 9 years. Growing up, she always respected the time and attention her father gave to each family he served. Many of his clients went on to be lifetime friends.

Raised on strong principles of respect, integrity, and kindness, Anne Elizabeth continues the legacy of advocating for every individual and family buying a home. Her professional mission is to stay informed on the tools and programs available to home-buyers, and to educate them on options that are unique to their needs and financial goals, both short and long-term. Sente Mortgage provides a strong back-bone of support that enables her to deliver excellent service to her clients and business partners alike.

Anne Elizabeth is privileged to be a mother to Judah, 12, Petra, 8, and Eden, 2. With all her spare time Anne Elizabeth enjoys playing the piano, studying the Stoics, writing with fountain pens, and hiding from her wild beasts in her backyard hammock. Some might wonder how she manages her circus so well, but her secrets are pre-made Costco Indian food, not worrying about matching socks, and counting all her blessings.

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After years of renting, it's time to take your next big step: Home Ownership. But where to begin?

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You've done this before, but it's been awhile. Perhaps a few notes on what's changed is in order. 

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You've served your country with honor. Now it's the country's turn to serve you, with the help of a VA Loan.

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You already have a loan in place, but your interest rate is nothing to brag about. Maybe it's time to refinance.

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Looking to buy another home? Here are five tips to consider before you purchase an investment property.

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What type of loan is right for you?

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