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Branch Manager | Mortgage Banker

NMLS: 1140906

(254) 654-8194

Sente Mortgage

About Me

“The windshield is bigger than the rear view mirror for a reason. Focus on the bigger things ahead rather than the small things you left behind.”

Waco branch manager and mortgage banker, John Boyd, has spent nearly 25 years working in the world of finance. After almost 20 years as a finance director in the auto industry, he made a change to mortgage banking: “The best thing I could have ever done,” he says. John encourages borrowers to focus on the big picture – the long-term value and pleasure of home ownership. He works carefully through the details of each transaction so that his customer’s experience is enjoyable, transparent and completed with diligence and integrity.

Things to know about John:

  • “My most valued mentor was my grandmother, Nanny. She taught me all the core values of life and helped me understand that respect, honor, determination and sincerity will always get you where you want to go.”
  • John’s proudest moments are being a father and role model to his children.
  • When he’s not working at helping his customers make their dreams come true, John enjoys cooking, spending time with kids and family, and being outdoors.

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After years of renting, it's time to take your next big step: Home Ownership. But where to begin?

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You've done this before, but it's been awhile. Perhaps a few notes on what's changed is in order. 

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You've served your country with honor. Now it's the country's turn to serve you, with the help of a VA Loan.

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You already have a loan in place, but your interest rate is nothing to brag about. Maybe it's time to refinance.

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Looking to buy another home? Here are five tips to consider before you purchase an investment property.

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