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Let Us Help You Grow Your Branch

Looking for a bigger opportunity? Learn more about mortgage branch opportunities at Sente Mortgage. 


Why Survive When You Can Thrive?


Here's our commitment to you:

  • Common sense underwriting
  • Direct agency lender
  • Full marketing automation
  • Full time recruiting team
  • 1x1 coaching
  • Clear to close happens on average 5 days before closing
  • Agent referral program
  • Lead incubation & automation

A Plan for Opportunity.

At Sente we give our branch partners a strategy to continuously grow your business.  Our goal is to take the road blocks out of your way, provide a 5-star experience for your borrowers, and give you an actionable plan to grow your mortgage branch year over year.

How do we provide mortgage branch opportunities?  With proprietary systems, a quick and nimble team, and best in class industry education.  Together, we will learn, stretch, and grow to reach new heights.


In a constantly changing regulatory environment, you need a company that stays ahead of the curve and works everyday on operational excellence.

Sente Mortgage has a strong back office. We handle: HR, Payroll, Accounting, IT, Marketing, Compliance, UW, Closing, Funding, and Secondary. You are free to sell.

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Succeed with Sente.

“It is our vision to be a great company where people can learn, stretch and grow, where they can do meaningful work, have fulfilling careers and make a difference in the world. We help you grow your branch so that you don't just survive, we help you thrive!”

— Tom Rhodes, CEO Sente Mortgage

What Our Branches Are Saying About Sente

After 10 years in business we’ve been fortunate to work with some of the best and brightest Loan Officers and Branch Managers. Check what they have to say about mortgage branch opportunities at Sente.


Managing a branch at Sente is one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had.  Sente takes care of the operational execution which lets me focus on growing my branch. I feel fortunate to have found a company that is as committed to it's people and customers as I am.  


I recently joined Sente and not only has my branch grown it is less stressful. The support, training and business building tools make growing easy.  We are proud to be part of a company that continues to grow and thrive.  


Sente's reputation and knowledge in the mortgage industry is second to none.  Being at this company has  given me a level of support and a strategy to grow my business that I simply haven't found anywhere else. Our originators in Austin have grown their business by 20% year over year. It's great to be at a company that continues to offer more growth opportunities.  


Sente has given me a branch opportunity that provides freedom within a framework.  They have a customized Build Your Branch program that makes growth hassle free.  

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