Linking your mortgage to your financial strategy.

Linking your mortgage to your financial strategy.


Real Estate Agent Resources

Each Sente Mortgage banker is an entrepreneur.

Working together over the years, we have developed, tested and proven unique business-building strategies. As a result, Sente has seen consistent 20% growth year over year, even in the recent turbulent housing market.

Core practices such as building a database, creating an expert identity, and managing leads effectively are straightforward and simple — if not always easy. The challenge is in the implementation. Because Sente believes success is community-driven, we’re happy to share what we’ve learned with our real estate partners. This includes classes which can be taught in your office as well as classes we offer on a public schedule. We’ve also posted many of the tools that we use with some simple descriptions so you can use them too.

For any questions about real estate learning, business building tools, or how you can work with a Sente Mortgage banker, email

At Sente, we work closely with hundreds of real estate professionals — and we truly value those relationships. Many of the best practices we’ve learned in building our business apply similarly for real estate organizations.

Our one-hour Build Your Business Seminars are a great way to enhance your skillsets without taking a lot of time out of your busy schedule. A list of the topics available is below.

Find the class that's right for you.

Service Second to None.

What do your clients expect of you? Great service is about exceeding expectations, but if you don’t know what your clients want from you, how can you exceed their expectations? In this seminar, learn the “how to ask,” “what to ask,” and “when to ask” so that you stay ahead of your client’s expectations.

Create Your Market Identity.

You have a market identity. The question is who is creating it—you or the people who are talking about you? In this session, you’ll create a tagline that is the basis for your identity and learn how to use it in everything from casual conversation to marketing to helping your Inner Circle refer you in the way you prefer.

Building Your Inner Circle.

The people in your database that are your biggest fans—those who won't do business with anyone else—are your Inner Circle. Having a big Inner Circle means having a covert lead generation team on the street. In this seminar, you'll discover how to qualify people for your Inner Circle, how to move them towards your Inner Circle, and how to keep them there.

Planning for Next Year.

Tracking  no more than 3 numbers will enable you to come up with business goals for the upcoming year. In this seminar, we’ll explore these 3 numbers, apply them to your business, and provide 2 techniques for helping you meet your goals.

Power Up Your Database.

Your database is all of the people you know and all of the people who know you. The first step is collecting the information and getting it into a usable form. The second step is building a communication strategy to tap the power of the database. In this seminar, you learn how to do both!

Using the DISC to Improve Relationships.

The DISC behavioral assessment offers insight into what you are good at doing. Knowing these strengths can help you understand who you are and how you communicate. The DISC can also help you frame your communication with others. As part of this seminar, you’ll receive a DISC report about yourself.  (Note:  MCE credit is not available for this class.) 

Social Media: What Works, What Doesn’t.

Social media is a powerful networking tool. Like all outreach, however, it is only as useful as the effort we put into it. We explore the numbers, the experts, and our own experience to create an effective social media strategy. To find out about scheduling private classes for your company or organization, email

Business Planning Boot Camp

The crown jewel in our real estate training is our Business Planning Boot Camp. Comments we have received from past attendees:

  • "Worth a day to plan for a life."
  • "I'll use this and at least double my production."
  • "It gave me a game plan for my business and some real tools to achieve my goals."
You'll begin by learning what it takes to live your life, run your business, and provide for your future. Then you’ll calculate what you need to produce to hit your goals. The final step is to discover how to implement the practices that will take you where you need to go.

We schedule public sessions of the boot camp around the beginning of each year. You can also request a special session for your office or group by emailing

We give you the tools to succeed.

In each of our classes, we provide tools to help you implement the ideas we have shared. Below you’ll find the most commonly requested tools.

5-5-25 Tracking Form.

Using the 5-5-25 is simple, every week:
  • Add 5 people to your database
  • Write 5 handwritten notes
  • Make 25 phone calls
This form is a simple way to make sure you get it done. Download here

Key Trackers Form.

Keeping up with your business is as simple as tracking 3 numbers: leads, closed volume, and closed units. The spreadsheet below is a simple, 5-minute-a-month tracking tool. Instructions are included as well. Download here