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“Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.” Henry Ford

Production Partner Amber Kriese brings a wealth of experience to her work in the Bastrop office of Sente Mortgage. With 10 years of experience in banking and another 10 in property management, she has flair for assisting customers through complex transactions. She is known as reliable, organized, optimistic, determined, and loyal, and is widely respected by her colleagues and clients.

Things to know about Amber Kriese:

  • Amber cites her grandmother as her mentor when it comes to money: “My grandmother taught me the value of building and maintaining good credit from a very young age. She made sure I could manage my bank account, prepare my taxes, and always stressed the importance of having a strong work ethic.”
  • Behind her diligent attention to detail, Amber’s approachable, easygoing style eases the way for her clients. “They often find the process easier than they expected,” she says.
  • Married to a firefighter, Amber is the mother of two wonderful sons and three fur babies.
  • When she’s not working, her favorite activities are spending time with her family, traveling, attending concerts and music festivals, camping, and being on the water.
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