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What If You Could Close More Deals with Less Stress?

Our unique model gives you the ability to close more deals with less effort by setting margins which ensures competitive rates. Competitive rates reduce the time and discomfort of shoppers and daily rate negotiation. This reduces the number of deals lost to pricing.

This coupled with our STAR operational experience, means you have instant access to Underwriting and we close on time every time. This builds your reputation with not only real estate agents but builders and creates more repeat referral business.

What Makes Our Branch Model Different

P&L Model with ability to set margin

Flat organization

Shared risk

Report directly to CEO

Full-time recruiting team

Operate autonomously with involvement in key decisions

Ability to control rates

Corporate transparency - financial data available 24/7


"Sente's reputation and knowledge in the mortgage industry is second to none.  Being at this company has  given me a level of support and a strategy to grow my business that I simply haven't found anywhere else.’’ Our originators in Austin have grown their business by 20% year over year. It's great to be at a company that continues to offer more growth opportunities. "

-- Karen Elliott

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