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About Me

I’m Dan Monson, founder and lead mortgage banker for Team Mortgage Dan.  I’ve been a mortgage banker for over 25 years and at Sente since 2010.

Our team is values based, so our focus is on you.

When buying a home, you deserve our respect. Your questions and concerns should be answered.  You should receive timely communication and an education on the process.  We’ll speak to you in plain language, no “banker-speak”.

If a loan cannot be done today, we’ll work with you to make a plan to make the dream happen for you and your family in the future.  Whether it’s now or later, you deserve a home that serves as both stability for your family and an appreciating asset.

Things to know about Dan:

Dan attended Trinity University in San Antonio with a degree in Economics and second major in Political Science.  He serves in leadership roles with his church, with the Outreach Center of West Houston, and the Memorial Spring Branch Rotary.

Fun facts: In college, Dan interned for a US Senator, worked for the San Antonio Spurs, and was on the board of directors for San Antonio’s Winters Chamber Orchestra


¡Bienvenido!  Soy Alma Granado, su habla hispana de confianza con el equipo de Mortgage Dan en Sente Mortgage.

A lo largo de mis 25+ años en la industria hipotecaria, me he desempeñado en muchos roles diferentes, cada uno de los cuales ha mejorado mi capacidad para servirle con excelencia.

Mi pasión radica en ayudar a los clientes a hacer realidad el sueño americano de ser propietario de una vivienda.  Usted merece ser escuchado, ser tratado de manera justa y que sus preguntas sean respondidas.

Ya sea guiando a compradores de vivienda por primera vez o a inversionistas con experiencia, mi objetivo es tener un impacto positivo en las vidas de todas las personas con las que trabajo. Me dedico a garantizar un proceso hipotecario fluido y exitoso.

En una nota más personal, la fe y la familia, incluyendo mi esposo y mis tres hijos, son mis piedras angulares. Además de mis esfuerzos profesionales, disfruto de la lectura y la jardinería.  Póngase en contacto con nosotros hoy mismo para comenzar su viaje hacia la compra de una vivienda con una experta con experiencia a quien le importa.


Welcome!  I am Alma Granado, your trusted Spanish-speaker with the Mortgage Dan team at Sente Mortgage.

Over the course of my 25+ years in the mortgage industry, I’ve served in many different roles, each improving my ability to serve you with excellence.

My passion lies in assisting clients to realize the American dream of home ownership.  You deserve to be heard, to be treated fairly, and to have your questions answered.

Whether guiding first-time homebuyers or seasoned investors, my goal is to make a positive impact on the lives of all I work with. I am dedicated to ensuring a smooth and successful mortgage process.

On a more personal note, faith and family—including my husband and three sons—are my cornerstones. In addition to my professional endeavors, I enjoy reading and gardening.  Reach out today to start your journey towards homeownership with a seasoned expert who cares.

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After years of renting, it's time to take your next big step: Home Ownership. But where to begin?

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You've done this before, but it's been awhile. Perhaps a few notes on what's changed is in order. 

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You've served your country with honor. Now it's the country's turn to serve you, with the help of a VA Loan.

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You already have a loan in place, but your interest rate is nothing to brag about. Maybe it's time to refinance.

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Looking to buy another home? Here are five tips to consider before you purchase an investment property.

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