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For Branch Managers

Independence is in our DNA

From being headquartered in Austin, TX, where individuality and entrepreneurialism reign supreme, to being forged at the height of the 2007 financial crisis: Sente is fiercely independent.

We won't go public and we don't take private equity. We're proud to be an independent mortgage company. Here's what our spirit of independence means for Mortgage Bankers.

At large mortgage companies, you can become a number. Another Mortgage Banker helping their bottom line and buried in red tape. At smaller ones, you may be stuck in the dark ages. Outdated tools and technology, broken processes. Sente sits squarely between the two. We take the best from both worlds.

We're nimble. We adapt without constraints and layers of restrictive policies. But we also invest in the right technologies, tools, and people to best support you. We encourage autonomy. But we also empower you with the systems and processes that help you thrive. We're looking for the entrepreneurial Mortgage Bankers excited about the freedom to direct their own business.


"This site was designed specifically for you. As a Branch Manager getting to know our company, we hope you see a place where you and your team can do meaningful work, have a fulfilling career, and make difference in the world. A place where your success is limitless, you have autonomy to make decisions that are best for your business - and that you're always supported by an expert team and 5-star execution."

-Tom Rhodes, CEO

Values Reveal the Soul of a Company

And they must be acted on in big and small ways - otherwise, they're meaningless. Here's what we live by:

Learn, Stretch
and Grow


Deliver on Our

Value 3

Embrace Challenges
as Opportunities

Value 4

Improve and

Value 5

Care So Much We
Make a Difference

Value 6

Always Do the
Right Thing



We Don't Have Regionals


At Sente, we've purposefully built a flat structure. We believe in the freedom to design your best business, to make decisions without miles of red tape, to pursue your personal best. We believe in unleashing your entrepreneurial spirit.

We don't need a complex organizational chart for you to figure out where you stand and how far removed you are from leadership. It's as simple as this: our Branch Managers report directly to the CEO.

Most P&L Models are Adversarial - So We Redesigned the Model

Do you have full access to your P&L…and control over it? We've heard the horror stories of lost trust, digging through P&Ls and discovering ways that companies haven't done right by their people. The P&L models that work well for the company, but not necessarily for the branches.

That's why at Sente, we're committed to a radically different P&L model, where we share market risk by helping you set margins and compensation as a branch. Your financial data is accessible 24/7, so you can make real-time decisions and be assured you're not leaving money on the table. You have control over the profitability of your branch. Because we know that if our branches succeed, we all succeed.

Interesting in seeing what this looks like, and if you're currently leaving any money on the table?

Where We're Licensed

Schedule a personalized P&L preview

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Ready to Learn More?

The decision to join Sente is made directly between you and our CEO, Tom.

Our people are our most valued assets, so one of our most important jobs is finding the right ones to welcome aboard. Recruitment efforts at other companies are often compensated on the number of people they get in the door, regardless of if they are a fit. We do things differently here. We're picky on purpose, and you should be, too. From our flat structure and prioritizing values and culture alignment, to Tom's involvement in recruiting: we care about building successful relationships.

We encourage you to explore the different offices in our virtual HQ for more information on specific departments. Any questions, or interested in a conversation? We'd love to be in touch.

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