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Sente Loan Rescue

We love TOUGH loans! Read some of our stories below.


"Recently, one of my customers met with his current bank and was denied for a loan due to not having enough funds for a down payment. I was able to talk with the customer about where funds for closing could come from and a family member was willing and able to gift him funds for a down payment. The customer is closing this month!"

Kenzie L., Mortgage Banker, Cabot, Arkansas

250x250-Stefanie Lyles

"Last week we closed first-time homebuyers who had been given the runaround by a local broker. The listing agent on the first property they tried to purchase referred them to me because they were having so many issues. After consulting with them, we found a perfect home in their price range, and they were able to secure a USDA loan with $0 due at closing!"

Stefanie L., Branch Manager, Cabot, Arkansas


“A few years ago, I was approached by an individual who had a lifelong dream of owning a home. His local bank was not willing to help, and that’s when his coworker referred him to my team. It took six months to get him in the financial position he needed to be in, he followed the process I laid out every step of the way. Now, just over three years later, his initial $5,000 down payment has resulted in over $50,000 in equity. The difference is that we took the time to bridge the gap from his current situation to the desired destination of homeownership. We love tough loans and we will do what we need to do to help!”

Eric Z., Branch Manager, Stillwater, Oklahoma


“Recently I worked a deal with a borrower who started with another lender. The real estate agent referred him to me as she was having a hard time getting a pre-qualification letter from the other lender, and he wanted to put in an offer on a property. I was able to get his application reviewed within the hour and quickly realized why the other lender was not longer responding to the borrower or to the agent. The lender had completely miscalculated the buyer’s income. I was able to rework the application, give the borrower a realistic amount, and he was able to close on a home loan without any hiccups or issues.”

Kenzie L., Mortgage Banker, Cabot, Arkansas

250x250-Samantha Brown

“I love saying yes to deals when other lenders have told them no! I recently closed a loan in which the other lender told the borrowers they could not qualify for a home loan due to a previous bankruptcy. Each loan program has different waiting periods for derogatory debts, and it is important that your lender knows those guidelines! Not only did we close a deal another lender could not, but we also closed in record time and the borrowers did not bring a dime to closing!”

Samantha B., Mortgage Banker, Cabot, Arkansas


“I received a referral from one of my real estate agents representing a buying client. Of the three lenders that the clients were given, I was the only one to take the time to answer all of their questions. They told me that one lender didn’t even bother to answer the phone call. The buyers fell in love with a home that was over their pre-qualification amount. I was able to rework the figures and get them pre-qualified for the higher amount. The buyers were absolutely thrilled. Not only that, but we were able to close two and a half weeks early!”

Dan M., Branch Manager, Houston, Texas

250x250-Karen Elliott-07-07

“A borrower was referred to me by a real estate agent because his bank could not provide a HELOC to finance the upgrades he wanted to make on his home. Before he came to me, he checked with another bank who told him he had to pay off his first lien with the HELOC. His first lien was at a very low rate, and he did not want to pay it off. We got him pre-approved for a HELOC with our investor in three working days without paying off the first lien. He was very happy!”

Karen Elliott, Regional Manager, Austin, Texas

250x250-Amanda Cooper-06

“After failed attempts with several lenders, I was able to assist a very deserving Veteran and his family on their home purchase. They connected with us and did everything we asked to make it happen. Did I mention they walked away from closing with a check? We love helping our Veterans achieve the dream of homeownership!”

Amanda Cooper, Mortgage Banker, Fort Worth, Texas

250x250-Jennifer Rodriguez

“A local listing agent reached out to me to rescue a loan that was supposed to close three weeks earlier. The previous lender for the buyer was a national lender, and they kept asking for additional documentation week after week, causing the deadline on the offer to expire. I was asked how quickly Sente could get the loan closed. I received the file on the 20th, and with Sente teamwork, we were able to close the loan within eight business days. Not only were we able to rescue the loan for the buyers, but the sellers were also able to close on their new build as well. I am so thankful we were able to get this to the finish line for all those involved!”

Jennifer R., Mortgage Banker, New Braunfels, Texas

250x250-Stefanie Lyles

“A short while ago, I had the opportunity to rescue a file for a real estate agent that was a buyer for her own home. She was working with a local competitor on her loan, but they were unable to get it across the finish line. Her broker told her to call us right away for help. Our operations team members responded right away with assistance to get this one closed quickly. The listing agent called to express his gratitude for our team as well. I am so proud to work with the best of the best. Sente loves tough loans!”

Stefanie L., Branch Manager, Cabot, Arkansas

250x250-Debbie Ratliff

“One of my clients was recently advised by an online lender to pull funds out of her retirement to pay off equity owed to her ex-husband. As a local lender, fortunately I am familiar with local laws. We were able to accomplish a split equity refi with an owelty of partition deed. There are definitely advantages to working with a local lender, and I am proud to say we were able to rescue our client’s future retirement funds!”

Debbie R., Mortgage Banker, Houston, Texas

250x250-Jenny Lack-06

“I had a VA buyer that I had originally approved, but she ended up deciding to try going with an online lender the seller wanted her to use. A couple of months went by and the agent called and said the online lender had no idea how to process a VA loan and denied the client. The agent asked if the Sente team could take over. We restarted the loan and closed in two weeks. We will always do what it takes to help out our VA homebuyers!”

Jenny L., Mortgage Banker, Killeen, Texas

250x250-Milton Birdwell

“My referral partner was working with a client on a $1.8 million home purchase. She told them to reach out to me on the loan, but the buyers had worked with a large online lender on a previous purchase, so they decided to go that direction. The process was prolonged two weeks, then three, then four, and eventually they were told ‘no’ on the loan. The buyers finally reached out to me, and we were able to get them closed on their new home in 14 days.”

Milton B., Branch Manager, Houston, Texas

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