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Exciting Loan Products to Meet Your Needs in the Current Market

By Mary Heerwald | May 18, 2022

With rising interest rates, low inventory, and changing markets, more creative loan solutions can help make your homeownership goals more attainable. A homebuyer’s unique situation might mean that a conventional 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage may no longer be as beneficial to them in the short or long-term. Other homeowners are also opting to stay in their current house rather than move, so are more inclined to do house renovations — and are looking to leverage the home equity to fund those projects. Here are four products Sente offers that are particularly helpful and compelling in the current housing market conditions, depending on your objectives and personal circumstances: Sente’s Adjustable-Rate Mortgages (ARMs) There are many reasons why we don’t keep our current mortgage as long as we stay in our homes. In fact, most Americans keep their current mortgage for around seven years, despite having a 30-year, fixed-rate loan. Any number of events can lead to this, such a refinancing your current mortgage or selling your house. If you plan to stay in your new house or keep your mortgage for ten years or less, an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) could give you better options than a fixed-rate loan in the current market. The Basics: ARMs have 30-year terms, but a fixed rate only for a set number of years before the interest rate starts adjusting. The number…

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Eric Zanotelli and the Z-Team join Sente Mortgage

By Mary Heerwald | April 7, 2022

Delivering best-in-class, values-driven home lending services in Stillwater, OK STILLWATER, OK [Press Release] — The Z-Team, a mortgage banking branch based in Stillwater, OK, has joined independent mortgage banking company Sente Mortgage. Branch Manager Eric Zanotelli and his team bring deep industry knowledge and a commitment to exceptional, accessible, and engaging service to the Oklahoma market and beyond. “I chose to move my team and join Sente Mortgage because of values alignment, a shared commitment to supporting financial education, and a customer-focused mindset,” said Zanotelli. “I am beyond thrilled to be part of such a fabulous organization. I can’t wait for our clients to experience our truly unmatched customer service as we help make their home dreams possible.” With a focus on core values and the promise of creating financial possibility for clients and partners, residents across Oklahoma will benefit from the Z-Team’s highly personalized mortgage services, bolstered by Sente Mortgage’s 5-star home lending experience. “Key to our growth is welcoming new branches that share our core values, since that’s at the heart of what makes our company so different for the clients and partners trusting us with the home buying journey,” said Tom Rhodes, CEO of Sente Mortgage. “We’re excited to have found that with our newest branch in Stillwater, The Z-Team, and to bring our unparalleled five-star experience to this new market.” In…

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Save Money by Doing a Home Insurance Policy Review

By Mary Heerwald | March 15, 2022

Many of our clients are especially conscious of making smart money decisions right now. With inflation and consumer costs on the rise, have you explored opportunities to save money? There’s plenty of advice out there about how to trim costs — but one frequently-overlooked practice is reviewing your homeowners insurance policy. Homeowners tend to get a policy when they purchase a home, but then they never return to the policy to make sure it’s up to snuff (and that they’re not overpaying). When was the last time you checked to make sure you’re not overpaying for coverage you don’t actually (or just no longer) need? Alternatively, maybe you’ve made some big investments on jewelry (like an engagement ring) or art, you’ve made home improvements, or added a dog to your family. Does your policy cover these? This is why we recommend doing an annual home insurance policy review. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you start: Do you have a copy of your policy? If not, contact your agent to get one and make sure you keep it somewhere accessible. Are the things that matter most to you fully covered? Have you done home renovations or made upgrades? A home insurance policy isn’t just about your house – it also covers possessions. Have you made big purchases like jewelry or art that now…

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