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Creating Small Habits for Big Change: The Seinfeld Strategy

By Mary Heerwald | February 25, 2021

As a company, we kicked off 2021 reading the book Atomic Habits together. The overriding premise is that we can make incremental changes that have exponential impact. One concept is the power of improving something by just 1% every single day. It might not feel like much in the moment: run 1% further every day, eat 1% less dessert every night, improve an action at work by 1% every day. Over time, though, if you improve by 1% every day for a year, you’ll become 37 times better.  This improvement relies on setting the right habits and following through. It’s a good concept to apply to financial habits, too. To help us get started, we’re taking a cue from a master. Jerry Seinfeld is one of the most successful comedians the world has ever seen. But how did he get there? What’s in Seinfeld’s “secret sauce”? Habits.     Seinfeld has been credited with something now referred to as the “Seinfeld Strategy.” The story goes that to help him overcome procrastination and beat infamous writer’s block, he used a simple calendar tracking method. His singular habit goal: work on writing jokes, every day. Every day he worked on his writing, he got to put a big X on the calendar. This sounds pretty straightforward, right? That’s the beauty of it. Simple action, easy to start,…

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Calculating Net Worth

Start 2021 Strong: The Net Worth Calculator

By Mary Heerwald | January 20, 2021

Hello, 2021! While there have been no shortage of major events recently, this is a natural time of year to reflect on the past 12 months, intentionally set new goals, and do a little “financial housecleaning” for a strong start.  Something we recommend at the beginning of a fresh year is developing your personal financial road map — beginning with our Net Worth Calculator to get a solid understanding of your starting point. “Net worth” is simply the difference between what you own (assets) and what you owe (liabilities).  This is a powerful exercise that will help you assess your financial solvency and compare your net worth to your overall financial goals (or using net worth to help identify your goals). We highly encourage the practice of calculating your net worth on at least an annual basis, as you’ll then be able to chart your financial progress over time. Haven’t done this before? There’s no better time to get started. Is this already part of your routine? Excellent — consider this your reminder! A couple of quick things to remember as you calculate your personal net worth:   If the value of your home has increased, so have your assets. For a current housing valuation, visit with your real estate agent. Also, realize that while the increase is good for your net worth, it may impact…

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Two Major Tax Changes for 2020 Charitable Giving

By Mary Heerwald | December 16, 2020

  It’s natural to reflect at the close of another calendar year. And after the historic events of 2020, many people aren’t sad to see this year come to an end. At Sente, we’ve paid careful attention to our core values to help see us through 2020, and this December, a specific value is top of mind: Care so Much We Make a Difference. We’re thrilled to have been able to give nearly $50,000 through an employer match campaign to nonprofits in local Sente branch locations this year. We’ve stayed connected and close, despite the remote environment. And we’ve ensured that our clients have continued to receive the very best service in the industry — no matter what the markets (or world) have been doing.  While this is a natural time of year to consider collective impact, many people also think about personal giving — about 30% of all donations each year happen in December. Many people give at the end of the year to combine supporting causes they care about — especially relevant on the heels of this turbulent year — with a desire to save on taxes. For those lucky enough to be counting their blessings as we wrap 2020, we’re sharing why this is a particularly good time for charitable giving. Thanks to the CARES Act, signed into law in March of…

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