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If you're a loan officer as committed to growth, success and high-level performance as we are, you've come to the right place.

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Simply put, we give you a strategy.

At Sente, we know that leverage is one of the keys to being a productive loan officer, and we have the resources and expertise to help put you on a path to achieve your goals. We can help you increase your production through our business-building platform, build a high performance team to support your growth, help you create an expert identity, and implement our proprietary database marketing system to attract and retain customers and referral partners.


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At its core, Sente is a company that is committed to taking care of the borrower AND helping our Loan Officers have a fulfilling career.
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What is Sente?

Our Story

We create financial possibility.

Established in 2007, Sente Mortgage was created, designed and launched by a team of originators. In the middle of the mortgage meltdown, they saw an industry that was rapidly changing and in need of strategy, leadership and vision. At our core, we are designed to innovate and collaborate. We have built a structured environment that supports full time Loan Officers who are committed to growth and a career built on unlimited income potential.

Our commitment: To help loan officers get all of the business they want to pursue with confidence.

Our Business Building Platform

Our 7 Competitive Advantages

Our High Performance Team Model

What I Love About Sente

Our Core Values

We are a values-driven company, and each member of the Sente family lives and works by a code of values we hold near and dear:


Learn, Stretch & Grow


Deliver on our Promises


Embrace Challenges as Opportunities


Improve and Innovate


Care So Much We Make a Difference


Always Do the Right Thing


Think Long Term


To navigate choppy waters requires strategy, knowledge and an expert team. We use our E4 Process to determine if we are the right fit for a team member. E4 is a way to experience what working at Sente is really like before joining us.

"The Sente Mortgage database strategy has increased my lead generation by 20%. As I continue to work the strategy, this number will compound which means my business could double over three years."

-- Darryl Crawford

"I'm a 25-year mortgage veteran, and the new strategies and practices that Sente provides for me have made my business and my life wonderful!"

-- Kristin Carroll

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