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Are You Sharing Your Expertise?


When a client is preparing to purchase or refinance a home, you have a wealth of information to help them make the right decisions. But once the closing is final, how do you stay connected and continue providing value?

Here are five ways you can use content marketing to nurture past client relationships and stay top of mind for repeat business and referrals.

1. Make Tax Time Less Taxing
Most people don’t look forward to filing their taxes, and the added burden of figuring out a mortgage doesn’t make the task any easier. Luckily, your clients have you to guide them through it with an abundance of helpful tips.

2. Make Credit an Easy Concept
How many people fully understand the impact their personal credit score has on their everyday lives? As a mortgage banker, you know the value of a good credit score and the necessary steps to improve a bad one. This information could prove invaluable to your clients.

3. Give Budget and Savings Advice
Creating and following a budget is tough even when money isn’t tight, so you can imagine how hard that task becomes once mortgage payments and new household expenses come into play. Show your clients the ins and outs of maintaining a budget, and encourage them to include regular deposits into a savings account.

4. Be a Community Expert
New homeownership means adjusting to a new community. You can make the transition easier with personalized, community-related content. For example, if the homeowner has children, they may appreciate some inside information about family-friendly events.

5. Share Real Estate News
Most clients don’t speak “real estate.” But you can communicate the latest relevant news in a way they’ll understand. And when it comes time for them to make a move, they’ll know who to call.

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