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Creating and staying on budget is an important part of successful financial strategy.  We've collected tips and techniques to make the process easy and seamless.


Budget for Deductibles

During the mortgage process, most people become hyper-aware of the impact of unexpected expenses. Take, for example, insurance deductibles. When a life event happens…

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Sente Budget Planner

Budgeting is one of the best ways to keep your finances on track. If you’re thinking about buying a home, then budget is probably…

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Identify Your Budget Thieves

Over time, even the most fastidious money managers run up against the budget thieves. You know how it happens — your beautifully devised budgets…

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Start a Money Club

People get together all the time to help each other achieve personal goals—reading great books, losing weight, etc. Why not apply the same principles…

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Budget Quiz

We have a saying around the office: “What gets measured gets done.” However, in looking for ways to assess the practical application of budget…

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Discover Your Non-Budget

It’s easy to spend a lot of money on little things — that morning coffee from the drive-through, your afternoon soda break, going out…

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Budget Bout: Needs vs. Wants

Balancing budgets is hard. A frequent challenge is the battle of “needs” versus “wants”. Needs are basic – food, shelter, clothing, etc. Wants are…

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What’s Your REAL Budget?

Many people know they should have a budget, but never get around to actually creating one. Part of what holds people back is trying…

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Spending What You Think?

Every year at Sente Mortgage, we do an enlightening and sometimes even surprising financial-planning exercise. It’s very simple: First, write down the amount you think…

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