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From the Sente Blog: Info about Savings

We know that for most people having a healthy savings account and plan means financial freedom and peace of mind.  We also know that developing a savings plan and getting started can be difficult.  After all, no one wants to live like a pauper.  Our goal is to provide realistic tips and techniques to help you establish a realistic savings plan and begin putting money aside every month.  Don't forget - small and steady wins the savings race.

Did you make a New Year’s resolution in 2012? It’s not too late – consider resolving to be more diligent about Saving to Spend.…

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When it comes to savings strategies, having 3 “buckets” – Emergency Savings, Savings to Spend and Savings for Retirement – can brings clarity to…

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A recent survey revealed that more than 75% of Americans don’t have enough money saved to cover their bills for six months. Half have…

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Do you have a bucket list? That is, a list of experiences or achievements you want to accomplish in your lifetime? Whether it’s writing…

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We have come to recognize that the strategies we need to apply are different for different types of savings. Emergency Savings are for unexpected…

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