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Assets & Liabilities

Assets & Liability Info From the Sente Blog

A key difference between assets and liabilities is that assets provide a future financial benefit, while liabilities present a future obligation.  Learning about what you own vs. what you owe can help you better manage your financial future and net worth.

The stock market has been volatile, but even so the Dow Jones average has increased substantially from its low below 7,000 in February of 2009.…

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In assessing your net worth, it’s important to remember that your financial assets are offset by your liabilities. Once you have a clear picture…

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We hear about identity theft all the time, but it’s hard to find resources that tell you what to do when it happens. We…

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Insurance is designed to reduce risks when certain things happen. Health insurance covers most medical costs if you get sick, for example, and homeowners…

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Do you have assets stuffed into the various corners of your life that you’d forgotten all about? Those assets are part of your net…

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Too often unplanned events can derail a family’s finances. For example, by not reviewing your estate plan every few years, your assets could be…

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