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Budget Quiz


We have a saying around the office: “What gets measured gets done.” However, in looking for ways to assess the practical application of budget concepts, we’ve found that most budget resources focus on what you know, rather than what you actually do. This is why we developed our own budget quiz.

So how did you do? Are you a:

  • Budget Boss (18-20 points) – You have a real handle on your budget – congrats!
  • Budget Believer (15-17 points) – You know it’s the right thing to do; you just need help refining the details.
  • Budget Beginner (12-14 points) – You’re off to a great start – keep it up!
  • Budget Buster (0-11) – If you’ve let your budget go, it may be time to get back on track.

Whether you are a Budget Boss or Buster, if you want more information on budget, review the budgets topics we’ve covered over the past five years right here.

Over the next few months, look for more quizzes from our series—Smarter Money Metrics. We’ve developed these to help you gauge your real-world application of financial topics, including Budget, Savings, Retirement, Debt, and Credit.


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