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Everybody Wants It But NOT Everybody Has It!


There are a lot of companies that talk about culture; the word has found its way into business jargon across industries. Today it seems that culture is something everybody wants, but very few actually have.

Sente Mortgage is a high-ethics and values-driven company. We believe culture comes from established values and ethics. When someone says their company has culture, the first question to ask is, “What do they believe? Can they state their core values? Do they know what ethics means?”

At Sente, we know that ethics means standards of conduct and we use our core values to guide us. We are a company that at its core is committed to taking care of the borrower AND helping our Loan Officers have a fulfilling career. We practice what we preach and we use our core values as our guide.

To find out more about the power of our Core Values from our CEO, Tom Rhodes, click here.

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