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The Elusive Marketing Unicorn for Loan Officers


How often have you started working on a marketing email or social media post but never quite got it finished? Do you find yourself wishing for that elusive “marketing unicorn” that would change your business?

At Sente Mortgage, we consider ourselves the marketing unicorn for our loan officers. Since our inception, we have provided automated marketing support to our mortgage bankers. Why? We knew that the highest and best use of their time was working with customers, not creating marketing flyers.

We started the company with our Smarter Money Moves campaign, which focused on financial literacy, and has evolved into a full digital marketing platform. Now, our marketing offer is like having a full-time marketing assistant.

Our digital marketing hub is one-of-a-kind – and it’s automated – so you can set it and forget it. Want to find out more? Click here for a video on our digital tools.

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