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Your Financial Advisor


Are you sharing what really matters with your financial advisor? The recommendations you get depend heavily on the information you provide. If you don’t paint a complete picture of your current finances and financial goals, you may not receive the best advice.

Knowing the answers to the following questions and sharing them with your financial advisor is important to their understanding of your situation:

  • What compromises are you willing to make? What are you willing to give up short-term to achieve long-term goals? What obligations are non-negotiable?
  • What does retirement look like to you? Are you looking to maintain your current standard of living? Do you want to travel more? Are you interested in living more simply or downsizing to a smaller home?
  • Have you disclosed all of your assets—not just the portfolio that your advisor manages for you? Talking about everything means that your advisor can make better decisions, even if he or she only manages part of your total wealth.

It’s up to you to bring everything to the table so your advisor can make an accurate assessment of your situation. They can then take into account your financial assets and well-being as well as your retirement dreams and desired lifestyle.


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