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Do You Know What Makes You Tick?


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Have you ever wondered why you act or react in a certain way? Or why some tasks are easy and some seem much harder? It might surprise you to learn that we are all hard-wired in ways that influence us each and every day.

At Sente Mortgage, we believe our Loan Officers are most effective when they work in the way that makes the most sense for them - and their clients. Finding out what makes you tick makes it easier to focus action and better understand how your communication style affects performance.

Here is a simple example- a ringing telephone. There are two basic responses - answering the call or ignoring it. Your behavioral preference will usually determine which action you will take.

What's important is that our natural behavior is neutral - meaning it isn't good or bad, right or wrong - it just is. However, knowing that our natural response is to "not answer the phone" means that we can either work in roles where we don't have to answer the phone or design a structure for not answering the phone - such as hiring someone who likes to answer the phone.

At Sente Mortgage, we use two tools that help our Loan Officers find out how they tick: DISC and Strengthfinder. Click here to find out more about you.

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