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What If You Had Clear to Close 5 Days Before Closing?


kids derby cars racing to the finish line.Do you wonder why the end of the month is so stressful? Or why it seems so difficult to get loans closed on time? What if I told you that at Sente our Clear To Close (CTC) happens on average five days before closing? What would your business be like if you knew that clear to close would happen five days ahead of your planned close date?

At Sente, our loan officers asked us to make closing easier, and we answered the challenge. Here is how we do it:

  1. Use the mail box rule
    This means that 85% of the time, we simply email our CDs to the borrower seven days prior to closing. Did I mention that we don’t need the borrower to sign the CD when sent using the mail box rule?
  2. Issue the CD prior to CTC
    In order to streamline the process, we’ve decided we won’t hold up a CD from being delivered just because the file isn’t Clear To Close. Our Mortgage Bankers love this process.

Still don’t believe us? These metrics speak for themselves:

  • CTC is received, on average, 4.8 days prior to planned close date
  • CD is sent, on average, 5.96 days prior to planned closing date
  • 62 percent of CDs are sent a minimum of five days prior to planned closing date

If you want peace of mind at the closing table, call or connect today!

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