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Documentation for Insurance Claims


In the days and weeks following a flood, it’s important for insurance purposes to document everything that has and is happening in your home and on your property.  If your home flooded during Hurricane Harvey, here’s what you should be documenting for insurance claim purposes:

  • Immediately take photos of the damage throughout your property. Tape measure where the water line is and take photos of that so your insurance company can see how high the water came inside your home.
  • Document evidence of the damage and damaged items. Cut swatches from carpeting, curtains, chairs that you can provide to the insurance adjustor.
  • Keep records of every contact with an insurer.  Including who you spoke with, when, and what was said.  These details can become important if you have difficulty with your claim.
  • Make a list of damaged or lost items, including their age and approximate value. It would also be helpful if you have receipts for items within the home.

Finally, even if you don’t have flood insurance, call your home insurer. Homeowner’s policies may exclude damage from flooding, but damage resulting from wind and rain may be considered separately. If you’ve experienced damage, it’s worth a conversation with your home insurer.

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